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Our Services

Top Notch Sprinkler repair can solve nearly every watering problem you may be having. We’ll give your system a full inspection and provide recommendations for repairs as part of our free estimate. Our philosophy is to bring your existing system up to being the best that it can be using your existing timer, valves and sprinkler heads whenever possible. 

At Top Notch Sprinkler Repair We Also Do: 

  • Head adjustments

  • Rerouting pipe

  • Rerouting rotor or pop up

  • Controller installation/replace

  • Wi-Fi installation/replace(on controller capable of Wi-Fi),

  • Smart controller installation/replace

  • Rain sensors installation/replace

  • Water flow sensor installation/replace

  • Broken pipes

  • Broken pop up heads

  • Broken Rotor

  • Rotor adjustment

  • Pop up heads adjustment

  • Add zones

  • Remove zones

  • Valve location

  • Valve installation/replace

  • Brass ball valves installation/replace

  • PVC ball valve installation/replace

  • Re-wire system

  • wire tracking

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Get Most Out of Your Existing Sprinkler System

No job is too big or too small for Top Notch Sprinkler Repair. We’ll fix just a single broken head or tune up a system that has multiple timers and dozens of zones. If you have received a notice from the city that you are using too much water, we’ll help you find the cause and then do the repairs needed.

Sprinklers that spray onto cement, buildings, fences or decks are sorted out by adjusting your existing sprinkler heads and sometimes replacing nozzles.


Ensuring even water distribution in each zone, and reducing over spray, saves water and reduces the opportunity of damage to wood and stucco.  

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